Goodbye Chicago

Goodbye Chicago

We have been living in Chicago for five years. We really love the city and have made a great life here. It will be hard to leave. This city fits us both so well – truly our city.

I think of Chicago as a beer city. Let me explain…Here is my analogy: NYC is a martini, LA is a champagne, Miami is a margarita, Boston is a great red wine and Chicago is a beer. While I really love and appreciate red wines, especially lately, I’m a beer person at heart. Chicago definitely has the midwestern feel: people are approachable, open and laid-back. You can always strike up a conversation with a person next to you, who is probably wearing a Sox or a Cubs hat and drinking a cold one at one of the numerous neighborhood pubs in Chicago.

Chicago feels like home and I will miss it. Things I will miss the most about Chicago during our trip: strolling through historic Lincoln Park, Lollapalooza, water taxis, walking through downtown in the morning, the pride parade, convenience of the el, exploring new neighborhoods and of course the people.

Prior to the trip, we made sure to say a proper good-bye to not only people we love but also the city. Here are some of things we made sure we do…

Trolley around our favorite parts of the city with some of our favorite people:


Trying world famous hot dogs at Hot Doug’s:


Spent as much time as possible with friends:


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