Highlands of Scotland

The Scottish Highlands are a land of magnificent beauty. At the feet of the rugged mountains there lie 30,000 deep, dark “lochs”, or Scottish Gaelic for lake. We were able to take a 12-hour tour through the mountains and see several lochs, including Loch Lemond and the infamous Loch Ness. If you travel to either Scotland or Iceland, you should really get out and see the landscapes so we chose to do day tours in both countries. While pricey, they are still much cheaper than renting a car and you get to learn a ton from tour guides.

Loch Lemond:


During our time in the Highlands, the weather was cool and a bit dreary, but that contributed to the mystical atmosphere.

Drive from Glencoe to Fort William:


Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK, was hiding behind the clouds as we rolled through.

There are several tour companies that depart from both Glasgow and Edinburgh that offer comparable tours. We happened to go with Timberbush Tours, which was a good choice in our opinion. For around £34 each, you can also take the Loch Ness, Glencoe, & The Highlands tour.

A few tips for tours to the Highlands:

  • Consider packing your lunch – you’re often left with very few choices, which are a bit expensive and packed with people from your tour bus. On this particular tour, there was a convenience store at the stop for lunch.
  • Look for special discounts online or in brochures – we found a discount of £3 each in a brochure from Central Station.
  • Compare with other companies – there are four or five companies that had tours departing from George Square in Glasgow. They all have slightly different features and pricing.
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