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After seeing Glasgow we were hungry to see more of Scotland so we were thrilled to take a short bus ride to Edinburgh, the capital. Shortly after our arrival we realized that there is quite a bit of rivalry going on between these two major cities in Scotland.

Glaswegians and Edinburgers (yes, Edinburgers) disagree on which city is the best. Sorry, Glasgow, we have to hand this one to Edinburgh – it’s a breathtaking place during the day:


…and during the night:


We spent more time in Glasgow but looking back on it we would recommend staying in Edinburgh longer. Glaswegians claim that their people are friendlier. If that’s true, we weren’t staying in the country long enough to notice the difference. People in both cities were very friendly.

We also took a day tour from Edinburgh – we lucked out with the weather and thoroughly enjoyed picturesque Scottish landscapes:



as well as real Scottish whisky! We visited The Famous Grouse Experience, which is the oldest whisky distillery in Scotland. We highly recommend visiting this distillery and learning about a drink that is at the heart of Scottish culture. Here is what we learned:

This is the single malt whisky that is made at the distillery we visited:

It’s a small place but they manage to produce quite a bit:

This is how you make whisky:
(don’t try this at home)

…and of course, what kind of experience would it be if we didn’t sample this golden-brown, nutty, smokey, strong drink?


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  • I love the Scotland pictures. So inviting to this country! Did you see many scottish terriers?

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