Couch Surfing Host in Edinburgh

In Edinburgh, we stayed with Kenny for three nights. Kenny is an incredibly smart and kind person.

Kenny hosts many surfers (one of which stuck around for 11 months), which speaks to his kindness. Yet he does not clean often and smokes inside, making it hard to fully relax. Overall, we have a great memory and are happy to have taken the risk because we have met another interesting person.


There was actually another surfer crashing with Kenny for a few nights. An Argentinian and fellow world-traveler, Ariel (his site in Spanish). He was very nice and spent some time with us taking photos of the city. He’s a much more hardcore traveler as he’s hitchhiking and staying wherever possible – even if that means sleeping outside in a cemetery or at the Cliffs of Moher.


  • aaronogan


  • hey, your text abour couchsurfing in edinbrough in kennys house sounds really nice. a friend of mine an me are looking for a place in endinburgh. is ist possible for you to give me kennys E-Mail ad.? that would be very nice.

    • I don’t actually have his e-mail address. You can probably find him on CS – he is always open to hosting. Read the reviews though first….Frankly, it wasn’t a comfortable place to stay at.

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