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Traveling to Lviv Ukraine

Traveling to Lviv Ukraine

Our initial research on traveling over land to Lviv showed that it could be quite challenging. While the distance from Krakow to Lviv is only a little over 200 km, it takes a bit of time to get there by land. The border crossing is notorious for being slow due to smugglers.

From Krakow, we opted to take a train to the border town of Przemyśl. From there we would take a bus across the border and on to Lviv.


We arrived at Krakow’s Central Station around 9 am, just missing a train to Przemyśl. There wasn’t much information around, so we found a ticket kiosk and purchased a ticket for the next train, which left just before 11 am. We were surprised to find the train quite empty and ended up sharing a cabin with an older woman.


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