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Our American Dream

Our American Dream

From the time we started dating, Lena and I started saving for a house. That was a real, concrete long-term goal. While we never thought of travel in the same way, we took any opportunity to hit the road even though we were always saving for the house. Travel was simply second nature to us.

Fast forward to 2011. Together for nearly five years and married three. Twenty-somethings on successful career tracks, both with masters degrees (Lena even working toward her PhD).

After having leased a nice condo in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood for three years, we decided that we wanted our own place. We quickly started looking around and ended up putting an offer on a short sale condo in West Loop. It was great: 2-bedroom, 2-bath, balcony, really nice neighborhood where we could easily walk to work. It was even big enough to have a family (or an office in the meantime).

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