Our itinerary:

May 2012





  • Singapore – Added to offset monsoon season in Thailand. – PostsPictures
  • Thailand – Skipped last minute because of bad weather and bombings.
  • Cambodia – Removed to spend more time in Thailand, which was later removed.
  • Indonesia – Also added because of the monsoon season. – PostsBali PicturesSamosir Island Pictures
  • Malaysia – Also added because of monsoon season. – PostsKuala Lumpur Pictures


  • Vietnam – Also removed to spend more time in Thailand.
  • Laos – Nixed to spend more time in other countries in SE Asia.
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan


  • California – Just for a quick weekend layover.
  • Ecuador – Flying standby left us with the only option of Buenos Aires.
  • Peru – Flew to Buenos Aires.
  • Argentina


  • USA
  • Chile – Went home for Christmas.

January 2013

  • Brazil? – Went home for Christmas.


  • you guys rock! I wanna go!!!! I read that same article you did and have been dreaming of doing this ever since…someday i will!

  • The Itinerary looks great! You are hitting a bit of everywhere 🙂 Can’t wait to read the adventures! December-ish we will be in Peru so lets figure out if we will be in the same area.

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