We’re a married couple that were recently pursuing the “American Dream.” We were in the process of purchasing a condo in Chicago but we bailed last minute to travel the world. We’ve decided to take a break from our careers for 8-10 months to pursue our favorite hobby – travel. This is OUR American Dream.


Lena – I guess I’ve always had a travel bug. Just ask my close friends – they tease me all the time saying that I’m “always” traveling to “crazy” places. Having been born in communist Russia, it is an incredible privilege for me to have the freedom to travel the world now. After communism fell, my family traveled to Finland and Sweden – my first international travel experience. I loved it and once I moved to United States, I found cheap ways to travel any chance I got. I’ve backpacked before through Europe with my best friend and I am up for this, much longer challenge with my other best friend and life partner. I have been to 25 countries before this trip.


Aaron – I was introduced to international travel by my wife shortly after we started dating. We booked a week-long trip to Ireland in 2007 and we haven’t looked back. As of a month before our RTW trip, I’ve been to 20 countries and only two of those were before the aforementioned trip to Ireland.


During this upcoming journey, I hope to:

  • Build major life experiences with Lena
  • Become fluent in Russian
  • Become conversational in Spanish
  • Immerse myself in other cultures/cuisines
  • Recharge and get in-touch with nature

Only two months and seven countries in to our trip, I’m wondering why we didn’t make this decision sooner. Shortly after the trip began, I realized how much fun it was playing photographer and writer. Who knew I’d ever enjoy those things?

You can find me on Couch Surfing.

We hope that our blog will be an inspirational and educational resource to others looking to travel.

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  • Hi Lena and Aaron,

    I saw your blog. Very cool trip. I will be checking your travels and photos in the upcoming months. My wife and I are leaving the US in October for India–>SE Asia–>Maylasia–> Phillipenes, etc for about a year and are wondering what other US travelers are doing for travel insurance. Any suggestions would be great. We have looked at World Nomads as they seem to have the most bang for the buck. Safe travels.

    Tom and Stephanie from http://www.looseoflimits.com

    – also, saw that you are in St Pertersburg. Enjoy the White Nights- also, hope you get a chance to go to the Hermitage. Gorgeous Museum.

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