What’s a girl to pack for an Around the World trip?

How do you pack for something like this? Especially as a girl…I will be saying goodbye to some of my most prized possessions for a long time such as purses, boots, skirts, high heels, most jewelry and my collection of perfumes. It won’t be easy but it’s part of the experience: stripping away all the luxurious things that don’t truly make one happy and striving to live a simple life without the pursuit for materialistic joys that only clutter our lives.

So what went into my backpack (other than memories)?

*Shoes (only three pairs!!):
1) Hiking Shoes: by Patagonia
I chose this pair because they are very comfortable and support my weak ankles but also look nice enough to walk around in the city.
2) Sandals: by Teva
These are definitely a bit of an eye sore but will be great for hiking in hot weather and are really comfortable. My feet tend to get blisters from by regular sandals in the summer so I hope while these are nowhere as cute as my other sandals, will be much better for the trip.
3) Black flats: by Rocket Dog
Really easy to pack and will be great if I need to go out in a city in the evening.

1) Plain t-shirts – I mostly brought quickly drying, plain tees. One of them is a bug repellent shirt
2) Tank tops – three tank tops that will be used to wear under t-shirts (one of them has a built in bra, which is convenient). Two nicer tank tops: here is one of them
3) Long sleeve shirts – one plain white one to wear under t-shirts and another with a design by prAna, which can be worn under a t-shirt or by itself.

Three pairs: two pairs of jeans (long and leans and skinny) by Gap (always comfortable and fit me well)
One pair of these pants by prAna

*Dresses: yes, dresses.
Two dresses: by prAna and this one
Shout out to Caroline, from the traveling 9 to 5 blog, who gave me the idea to pack a couple of dresses. Each makes an outfit in itself without taking up a space in the backpack – turns out to be very practical. Also, when it’s chilly, I can throw a sweater or a jacket over them

1) This one: by TommyBahama that will be easy to dress down and pair with t-shirts
2) A simple jean skirt that I am wearing right now with some nylons in cold Reykjavik

I am a sucker of scarves – they don’t take up much space and make me feel feminine and provide me with an illusion that I have a bit of style. While, I had to leave behind my large collection of scarves. I picked out two I allowed myself to pack. Here is one of them

1) Outerwear jacket: by Marmot
2) Hooded fleece: by REI
3) Active jacket: by Gap

Preparing for this trip I’ve developed a strong preference for prAna brand clothing. I have a few more items by them that didn’t fit into my backpack and I had to leave behind. Overall, I will miss the rest (majority) of my closet but it’s part of this experience and I couldn’t be happier.

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