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We were nominated to take part in Travel Supermarket‘s Capture the Colors Contest by Caroline and Josh at Traveling 9 to 5. Since we’ve been on our Round the World trip starting in early May 2012, we’ve taken over 7500 pictures, many of which are on Flickr. It took some time to go through and select the best of the best, but it was great going back to relive our memories. Enjoy!


The Greek Islands are a photographer’s dream. The mountains, the Agean Sea, and the traditional white buildings are a recipe for great shots. The most photographed village in Santorini is Oia, which, coincidently, also has the most beautiful sunsets.



Iceland is an enchanting place. The unique, rugged countryside has been shaped by tectonic activity for millions of years. Along the Golden Circle, you’ll find the Great Geyser erupting boiling water as high as 70 meters every five minutes or so – it’s thrilling every time! Read more about our tour of the Golden Circle.



One of the most mystical stops on our trip was a ride through the Scottish Highlands. Just as it’s always portrayed, it’s cool, overcast, and a bit rainy, but a beautiful, green place! Read more here.



There’s nothing more associated with the color red than Moscow‘s Red Square. The sheer magnitude of the square and the buildings surrounding it are very symbolic of the Russian spirit. Read more on our experience in Moscow.



The beautiful Spice Bazaar in Istanbul is an experience for all the senses – the hustle and bustle of the crowd as you make your way through the crowded corridors – the taste of Turkish Delight – and, of course, the smell of fresh spices.


The contest is running until August 29th – good luck to our nominees!

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